Our History


Dominic Ferguson

He is the restaurant's major founder. One of his main ideas was to start a successful family company. If we're being really honest, we had a hard time putting into words how wonderful Ruth is as a person. He understood who he was, what he valued, and what he intended to achieve from the beginning. Everyone he came into contact with knew about it. He has battled and triumphed in one of the most difficult sectors to penetrate for almost 30 years, without sacrificing his ideals and beliefs. Ruth may be described in three words: enthusiastic, resilient, and most importantly, courageous.

Currently, he has owned and/or managed a number of restaurants and catering businesses. He began his career in Houston, where he established Luther's Catering, a branch of the Luther's BBQ company. He was also a founding partner of Bobby Mac's, a casual, full-service restaurant in Kerrville, and a partner and co-founder of Sunset Dinner Cruises. Later, he assisted with the development of Nicole's Cafe San Felipe, a southwestern cafe, and was a management partner for the first Truluck's Steak and Stone Crab, which currently has 11 locations around the United States. Joe is primarily focused on building simple-to-implement yet very efficient systems and procedures to assist our members in increasing restaurant efficiency, product usage, and, most importantly, providing a more consistent guest experience.


Alicia Marsden

Dominic's wife, she is. Alicia Marsden intended to create a restaurant chain that was known for dependably high-quality cuisine and consistent cooking procedures. She desired to provide burgers, fries, and drinks that were same in flavor in Alaska and Alabama.

She used a unique approach to doing this: she persuaded both franchisees and suppliers to believe in her vision. The phrase “In business for yourself, but not for yourself” was promoted. Her concept was founded on the three-legged stool idea. The stool’s strength was limited by the three legs that supported it.


Trusted & Loved by

Wimbledon is made up of nineteen people who share responsibilities and help with the numerous tasks required to run what has developed from a modest natural foods restaurant to a larger and more diverse organization. The Collective's members have been working together for at least 15 years, and some have been with the restaurant since its inception in 1992. The Moosewood Collective has won three James Beard Awards and has received countless nominations. Its thirteenth book is Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health.


In a gorgeous burgundy restaurant, we had a wonderful supper and stayed the night. There were three distinct set meals, but they all came with ‘gourmandises’ (pre-desserts) and various extras, all of which were delicious. In a lovely burgundy village, this restaurant comes highly recommended.

Mollie Day

Great cuisine that is out of this world. Everything about this place was fantastic. The dining area is beautiful without being stuffy, and the mood is laid-back. The service was stiff yet pleasant.

Millie Williamson

My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic meal here. The service was excellent, the meal was delicious, and the wine selection is extensive and diverse across all price ranges. We departed satiated but not feeling like we had overdone it because the portions were acceptable.

Archie Norton

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