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“Which restaurant should I visit here?” is the simplest and most hardest question to answer. The type of cuisine, pricing point, outdoor dining possibilities, area, and occasion are just a few of the things to think about. Fortunately, the five boroughs have a plethora of options, including Eater New York's list of 38 outstanding restaurants to dine at right now, which we update quarterly.In addition to street carts, food trucks, and one well-known pizzeria in New Jersey, this curated list now includes street carts, food trucks, and one well-known pizzeria. We've also added new eateries that strive to capture the diversity of NYC's offerings (Eater 38 venues must be operating for at least six months to qualify for inclusion).

We also acknowledge that this is a subjective ranking, and that the dining scene in New York City is always changing. Let us know if you have a favorite. See the heatmaps for Manhattan Brooklyn Queens for the most recent sites that foodies are visiting. A restaurant’s removal from Eater 38 does not imply that it is no longer fantastic or that it will not return in the future.

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Patricia Chang is a writer who lives in New York The Eater 38 is our answer to any question that starts with, "Can you recommend a restaurant?" It's a well-curated list that covers the city and encompasses a wide range of cuisines, locations, and price points. It's a list that documents the mix of taquerias, dumpling shops, and tasting menu venues that make San Francisco one of the most intriguing places to dine in the United States through food. These are the locations you shouldn't miss if you're visiting the Bay Area for the first time, as well as the ones worth visiting even if you've lived here for decades.

We update the Wimbledon every three months, adding restaurants that were previously overlooked, are newly eligible (Wimbledon restaurants must have been open for six months), or have improved their game, because we want to ensure that this list reflects the ever-changing nature of San Francisco’s vibrant dining scene. In order to keep things new and fresh, and, more importantly, to ensure that the Wimbledon is an inclusive and representative list, sometimes a still terrific restaurant makes way for another.

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From the substantial bowls of seoll e ongtang (beef bone soup) available in cozy restaurants to the humble vegan meals served in Buddhist temples, Seoul's food traditions date back centuries. However, the dining scene in the South Korean city is rapidly changing. Chefs are not only rediscovering and reimagining classic Korean recipes, but they are also developing a new modern Korean cuisine that incorporates traditional ingredients and Western culinary techniques. Restaurants are also expanding their drink menus beyond the traditional soju.

We add new meals every mounths, also there are a lot of discounts for our regular guests.


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It is critical for your business to hire competent and productive employees. What are the different restaurant staff jobs, though? What is the most important factor to consider while forming a strong team at your restaurant? What are the best ways to find the appropriate individuals for your restaurant?

These are just a handful of the numerous questions you’re having trouble answering. Only a devoted crew can make a restaurant completely functional. Our team is professional. Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of queries about everything from the best restaurants in Westport for a lavish meal to which Westport restaurants are nice and chill.

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Many consider him to be one of the finest chefs in the world, and he's established a business empire with 36 restaurants across the world. He's also one of just two chefs in the world to have earned 21 Michelin stars throughout the course of his career, and he's the first chef to own three Michelin-starred restaurants in three different locations. Our chef is the only chef on our list who has sent food into space, in addition to being recognized for world-class French cuisine.

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While dining with us, refuel and relax. Our casual yet professional crew at our restaurant is ready to serve you and make your dining experience one to remember.

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